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Jewish Lawyer Near Me - Christian Smith
Christian Smith Austin, TX
4 months licensed
(512) 277-3166
In Austin, TX, those who require legal assistance with matters of divorce turn to Smith Family Law for knowledgeable guidance and empathetic support. Our seasoned family law attorney is ready to guide you through either the challenges of a contested proceeding or the smoother path of an uncontested divorce. We understand that each client comes with their unique background and needs, which is why we offer tailored legal strategies designed to uphold your personal interests. At Smith Family Law, our commitment goes beyond legal advice; we provide an anchor during stormy emotional seas as we navigate this transitional period together. If you're searching for a family law attorney near me, look no further than our firm where professionalism meets compassionate advocacy for all Austin families facing their most crucial moments. Business Email: [email protected] Business Hours: Monday - Saturday: 09:00 - 17:00 Services: Divorce, Uncontested Divorce, Child Custody, Child Support, Mediation Divorce, Premarital Agreements (Prenups), Postmarital Agreements (Postnups), Estate Planning, Wills and Trusts, Probate High Asset Divorce, Advanced Directives
Jewish Lawyers Near Me - Joshua Winegar
Joshua Winegar West Palm Beach, FL
Personal Injury
5 months licensed
(561) 717-0447
Winegar Law is a team of Florida personal injury lawyers specializing in personal injury cases including: Car accidents, Truck accidents, Motorcycle accidents, Bicycle accidents, Slip and fall, Wrongful Death and Medical Malpractice cases. Free Consultation! Offices in Miami and West Palm Beach.  
Jewish Attorney Near Me - David Aronberg
David Aronberg Delray Beach, FL
Personal Injury
5 months licensed
(561) 266-9191
Welcome to Aronberg & Aronberg. We are a Personal Injury Law Firm with our main office in Delray Beach, Florida. We are committed to serving justice in our community and its neighboring cities. At Aronberg & Aronberg, we focus on representing only those people who sustained real injuries and need the help of trial-ready lawyers. We intentionally limit the number of cases we undertake so we may actively manage your case and are easily accessible to you. At Aronberg & Aronberg, we focus 100% of our resources on Personal Injury cases. Our team of attorneys have over 61 years of combined legal experience. Our Delray Beach Personal Injury lawyers handle a variety of case types, including car accidents, truck accidents, bicycle accidents, motorcycle accidents, slip and falls, and wrongful death cases.

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My fiancée and I are Orthodox and speak primarily Yiddish. We need a lawyer to draft a prenuptial agreement for us because my family owns several businesses in and around Crown Heights and they want to keep those businesses in our family should anything happen to my marriage. My fiancée is agreeable. How do I locate a Jewish Orthodox attorney with a good reputation who speaks Yiddish? Does my fiancée also need an attorney also or can we use the same one for purposes of the prenuptial agreement?
Prenuptial Agreements New York, NY
I am interested in adopting a child and am told that you can make your interest known to the various adoption agencies by registering in one location. I’ve searched online but can’t find one place to register, just individual agencies that require you to sign up with each of them and go through a separate application for each. Is there actually one place I can register with and one application I can complete to put my name on the list for an infant that might be placed with any of these agencies? Also, are there any registries specific to Jewish people? I am Jewish and would be a good match if a Jewish mother is looking to place her baby with someone who will raise the child in the Jewish faith.
Adoption New York, NY
I’m having trouble paying my regular child support because my work hours were cut due to Covid. I work for a computer company in Chicago and we can’t get supplies in from overseas due to the lockdowns and transportation delays. The income reduction is definitely not my fault or choice. My ex knows that I have a fair amount saved in the bank and in my retirement account. She wants me to pay the regular child support payments with that money. Says if I seek a reduction or stop paying the support she’ll let child support know I have these funds. Am I obligated to pay child support out of my savings and retirement? I thought the support amount was based on your income only.
Child Support Chicago, IL
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